Alan is 17 years old and was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He lacked many social skills, felt vulnerable, inadequate, and very self conscious as a result he became quite isolated and stopped attending college.

He had strong views and found it difficult to accept alternative opinions.

At home he didn’t get on with his stepfather and disagreed with his natural father regarding his future. He had difficulties in his relationships with siblings, friends and people in general.

Alan found it difficult to control his anger.

After some time he developed a relationship with the White Gold Engagement Worker and felt comfortable expressing his frustrations and discussing issues around relating to others, especially his family.

Alan was provided with experiences in the community and encouraged to develop his social skills.

Alan is now more able to accept other people’s opinions and although he is still prone to shyness he is gradually becoming more confident and engaging with the public.

He is now living independently and learning to conduct his financial affairs. He has his own bank accounts and has opened a charge card account at a large outlet store. Alan is more at ease in doing his own shopping, visiting restaurants etc and he has overcome issues to pass his driving theory test.

Further progress needs to be made (e.g. becoming employed) but Alan has developed considerably and is better equipped to move on with his life, and play his part in the community and wider society.