Brett is 12 years old and is diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. His Dad tried to murder him, his Mum and sister left the family two years ago and he was excluded from school for inappropriate and sexualised behaviour. He had no friends and internalised all his emotions.

WGC work with Brett centred around his very confused feelings around his Dad, who was in prison for 17 years, and a disproportionate attachment to his Mum, who was receiving help from the Mental Health Services.

By working with Brett on a one to one basis, and in a group of three boys who had similarly lost their Dads to illness or long prison sentences, Brett was able to see that he shared a common problem, loss and bereavement. Through his engagement sessions, his situation became a little more normalised and his anxiety became less intense, allowing him to focus on going back to school.

Through White Gold engagement work, Brett was able to explore his feelings and vent his anger and frustration in a safe setting and learned to trust the first person in his life that said ‘It’s okay to feel angry about your Dad’. Brett loved go-karting and Fast Food challenges (eating as fast as you can without being sick . . .) and realised that he is not alone with his issues.

Brett returned to full time mainstream school in September 2014 and is learning to thrive again.

Brett’s teacher provided the following quote – ‘Can I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the good work and progress you have made with Brett. I know from the last meeting I attended, he found the sessions most enjoyable and appeared to gain much from them”