James is now 14 years old and had suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse in the family home until the age of 7. He now lives with his grandmother and has supervised access to his mother.

James has a deep distrust of people other than his immediate family and if introduced to someone he did not know, he would literally run away and hide. He was excluded from primary school for aggressive behaviour and had not attended school for approximately 18 months.

Initially, engaging with James was very difficult but over time a productive relationship developed with his White Gold engagement worker. Through regular engagement sessions, James has gradually become more confident and has now stated to develop his social skills.

His engagement worker reintegrated James into education initially attending school three mornings a week. James has now progressed and engages on a one to one basis with a teacher. James is currently taken to school five mornings a week by his engagement worker but attends regular classes without support.

There is a great deal of work to be done but James has made tremendous progress.