Jamie is a 15 year old male involved in petty crime and low level drug use; he is also a suspect for many offenses including arson and eventually was referred to WGC by the Youth Offending Team

Jamie has had a difficult childhood, his parents separated when he was young and he was on the child protection register under category of neglect.

Jamie’s initial assessment was not good, he was considered a low achiever and in danger of becoming a prolific offender and a burden to his family, community and society in general. It soon became clear that the root cause to many of Jamie’s issues was a lack of positive social interests. He was basically a nice lad; he just needed extra support and direction.

WGC offered support re offending behavior, anger, drug use and social problems. Jamie positively engaged with a drug worker and for a while his school attendance improved. However, because he had lost so much time at school he could not complete enough coursework to gain any GCSE’s so Jamie took himself out of school but with the help of WGC has now signed up to a pre E2E course in mechanics at Truro College.

Jamie has also expressed an interest in guitar and song writing.  It was felt that this would provide him with an emotional outlet to help deal with his anger outbursts which were often the result of bottled up emotions reaching a point where he  could no longer control them and he would generally hurt himself through, for example, punching a wall.

Through WGC and Cymaz, one-to-one music sessions were arranged and organised in Jamie’s local community at Newquay Youth Centre. This has encouraged him to meet new and positive people and attend the centre and use other facilities to broaden his outlook. This has proved to be just what Jamie needed and he now attends the Youth Centre (including the weekly Cymaz sessions) and has started to mix with a wider sphere of his peers. Jamie’s confidence in himself has considerably increased and he has started playing music with a group of his friends.  This has helped to keep him engaged in positive activities and seems to have contributed to a general emotional calm.

Jamie no longer has sudden outbursts, he has demonstrated a constructive attitude to dealing with problems and has not been involved in any criminality. Jamie achieved a bronze award.