Keith is now 28 years old.  Since the age of 3 years he has been in foster care, residential placements and supported accommodation.  From an early age Keith has challenged all support from anyone that has offered any kind of care towards him.

He has harmed himself and others and shown no empathy throughout those early years.  Keith has been arrested many times and committed many offences.  He has successfully pushed away many people who have cared for him, but not all.

Keith is and has always been intelligent and always prepared to work.  During the developmental years Keith did have some consistency and people who did not give up on him.  He successfully passed his examinations and discovered an aptitude towards IT based work.

While there have been many ups and downs Keith maintained some consistency support with White Gold Cornwall and as a result now has a full time IT job out of County, a new relationship and secure accommodation.

Keith takes great pride with his fitness and diet.

While White Gold Cornwall has remained in the background for Keith and has genuine pride for the success of this young person, we would rather highlight the journey and strength Keith has exhibited and what he now deserves.

Well done Keith.