Kieran (14yrs) lives with his mother (Caroline) and two younger brothers.

Caroline forged and relationship with Tony and after a couple of months he moved into the family home. Very soon Caroline became the subject of horrific physical and emotional abuse and Kieran and his brothers were threatened by Tony.

Although he feared for her safety Kieran’s relationship with his mother deteriorated and the family descended into a state of crisis. Kieran felt vulnerable and did not consider that he was safe in the family home.  He became extremely angry. Although he was very intelligent his behaviour deteriorated at school to become a real concern and his attendance reduced significantly.

Eventually Caroline found the confidence to contact the Police and it became apparent that she had been intentionally targeted and manipulated by Tony which was a pattern of behaviour that had affected a number of other females in the area.

Tony left the home and Caroline received help from a number of agencies. White Gold was asked to provide support for Kieran.

Kieran quickly formed a relationship with the White Gold Engagement Worker (EW) and he was able to discuss the appalling experience that had affected his family. Sessions included visiting a golf driving range that provided an outlet for his anger and environment where he felt relaxed. He became proficient at the sport.

The family is now more cohesive and Kieran and his mother have become very close. While other organisations played a vital part in supporting the family, particularly Caroline, the relationship between the EW and Kieran was instrumental in enabling in him being able to deal with the situation and progress.

Kieran is now on tract with his education and school staff have seen a major improvement in his behaviour.

Caroline explained that after sessions with EW “he comes back really happy” and “(EW) is the only male figure he can look up to”.