Mark is a 16 year old male and did have serious drug concerns both in terms of use and occasional dealing. Mark was referred to WGC by the Youth Offending Team following charges for burglary. Mark’s assessment indicated that he was in serious danger of becoming a persistent offender and a real burden on his community and society in general.

At Mark’s first session with WGC, he expressed a strong interest in hip hop music, lyrics and production. It was clear that he had a real talent and interest; he just needed to gain the confidence if he was to progress in this area, he also expressed an interest in learning new IT skills. WGC contacted Truro College and helped identify support and training for Mark by arranging one to one sessions through a project called Cymaz with the aim to specialise in music production.

The one to ones paid off, Mark soon developed a quick understanding of the software basics and produced an excellent musical piece. The next stage involved writing and r cording lyrics for which he needed a theme. Mark on found his theme after an incident with another youth who had difficulty getting away from a reputation that he had created for himself. The lyrics that Mark wrote were an excellent expression of his situation and also the commitment to making something better of himself.

By writing and producing his own music, Mark has gained in confidence and he has now expressed an interest in working with younger children who are interested in rap and p hop, as well as pursuing his own creations with his friends. Mark was nominated for the Silver Arts award which is a recognised qualification. The musical support facilitated by WGC has been vital to this success. Up to now he has not been in any further trouble with the Police, he has stopped dealing (turning down offers from larger dealers) and has also gained a better control and understanding of his own drug use.