Mathew, a local young man from East Cornwall was struggling with some issues and when he needed help he found that mainstream provision for him did not work. Matt  unfortunately fell in among the wrong crowd and found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Matt was dealt with by the Local Youth Courts and was awarded a number of criminal convictions. The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Youth Offending Service assisted Mathew but this did not work well for him and only achieved mixed results. Matt was referred to a White Gold Cornwall out-reach worker who got him involved in the local sports scene which acted as a positive trigger for Matt and helped show him a different way.

Matt acknowledges that without the help of White Gold he would probably have ended up in prison and he says that the relationship he had with WGC was key and helped him go from strength to strength. Matt’s situation improved to such an extent that he has now stopped offending completely.

Matt recently touched base with WGC after six years to say that he continues to make a good life for himself, has a full time job and it was ‘down to White Gold’!