Peter is 12 years old and the youngest of 5 siblings. His 4 older siblings have been removed from mother’s care due to her poor mental health and her inability to protect them from risk of physical violence due to DV

Peter was born with a cleft pallet, a hearing disability and is conscious of “being different”. He spends most of the time alone in his bedroom.

He has a poor school attendance record but is very intelligent. He is wary of professionals and often chooses not to communicate with them but is becoming increasingly manipulative of his mother.

The aim of White Gold Engagement Worker is to provide a positive role model and increase Peter’s self esteem. It is hoped that through support Peter will form a better relationship with his mother and enable him to participate in positive community based activities.

The relationship between the Engagement Worker and Peter is starting to provide benefits.

At a recent meeting of various agencies involved with the family it was stated:

“The White Gold worker plays an invaluable role with [Peter] and his input is seen as critical to this child in terms of self esteem, mentoring and increasing school attendance and attainment.”