White Gold Services

White Gold Cornwall provides one-to-one mentoring for individuals across an extensive age range (from young children to adults) addressing a large range of issues.

Our work includes supporting, guiding and, if appropriate, challenging children and young people who;

  • Are vulnerable or at risk.
  • Lack confidence, self-esteem, or social skills.
  • Are experiencing difficult situations at home.
  • Present challenging behaviour in the community.
  • Are excluded or at risk of exclusion from education.
  • Are involved, or at risk at becoming involved, with the Criminal Justice System.

We also work with adults who have experienced difficult personal situations or environments. For instance, we have workers experienced in providing assistance to secure accommodation, supporting those subjected to domestic violence, lack confidence or suffer from anxiety. It should be noted however that we are not counsellors.

An essential element of our work involves forming a trusting relationship through regular sessions (usually weekly) that are tailored to address individual needs.

Referrals are accepted from partner organisations (such as Social Care, Education, and Health Services) individuals requiring support or family members of such individuals.

We also help victims of crime through referrals from the Victim Care Unit and have workers trained in delivering Restorative Justice.

We own fully adapted and modified vehicle with wheelchair access (see “White Gold Cornwall Disability Vehicle” under “News”.  This provision allows White Gold Cornwall to transport those with disabilities to enable them and their families to receive help.

Funding for services is provided by referring agencies. However if, as an individual, you wish to make a referral and you are not in receipt of funding, this can be considered.

Other Services

Victim Care

Victim Care Unit

White Gold Cornwall is a member of the Victim’s Directory which is managed by the Victim Care Unit (VCU).

We seek to help and assist victims of crime, upon referral from the Victim Care Unit Co-Ordinator and offer practical help with housing needs, re-integration into society, emotional support due to the crime and assistance on all levels to meet the individual needs of the victim.

Our detailed assessment identifies the help and assistance that White Gold Cornwall can offer to assist the victim during this difficult time in their lives.

To date White Gold has received 15 cases and each one is treated as an individual victim and an experienced engagement worker is allocated to the victim based on their needs and the skills/experience of our engagement worker.  Each case received is different from the crimes they have been subjected to and also the remedial needs of the victim.