Jason Davis

Jason Davis
Engagement Worker


Hi, my name is Jason and I have lived in Cornwall for just over 30 years, before that I lived in London studying Art at university; I fell in love with the landscape of Cornwall and could never return to living in a city.

I have over 15 years experience of working with children, young people and their families for various organisations and have always enjoyed the face-to-face work. I began working with young fathers, who at the time lacked support and were very unrepresented.  The key for me was supporting the relationship between the dads and their children (if appropriate) and realised I enjoyed helping young people too. I found my way into working with the whole family, which is valuable but can be a difficult balance; I found that young people need to trust you are there just for them and this is how I see my role for White Gold.

I enjoy music and have taught African and Japanese drumming in schools and the community and have also run classes in Tai chi, a Chinese exercise that is great for relaxation.

In my spare time I enjoy drumming, photography, cycling and walking and in the summer months swimming and kayaking in the sea.

I have a son who has just left for university and the house feels emptier without him however I am really proud of the person he has become.