Martin McHugh

Martin McHugh
Engagement Worker

Hi, my name is Martin McHugh, I am 51 years young and have had a very busy life so far!

I am currently teaching for 3 days a week in Bodmin College and spend 3 days a week working with children and young people trying to solve problems, get active and prepare for their next steps in life.

I was Head of P.E. for ten years and then took a job as Head of construction before cutting down to 3 days a week.  I am a qualified plumber and heating engineer as well as a teacher so combining these skills at the moment is a very positive experience for me.

I have 3 children who are spread throughout the Southwest and they all share my love of music, being outdoors and active lifestyles.  My partner and I are foster carers and we have young people on respite care on a regular basis.

I particularly enjoy the challenges of working with children and young people who want to be active, be inquisitive and want to improve their lifestyle.

My work with White Gold Cornwall has been challenging and interesting so far and I am hoping to find some more time to dedicate to this in the future.