Thurstan Crockett

Thurstan Crockett
Engagement Worker


I moved to Cornwall in early 2015 from Brighton, to have a different kind of wild life, now I’m in my mid-50’s. Life’s now much more about the sea, being in nature and about walking and birdwatching.  I’ve been married and divorced twice, have a teenage son, who lives with me and his step-mum.

I work as a coach and consultant, mainly empowering environmental visionaries.   I spent 10 years myself as Head of Sustainability in Brighton, ending up with the only Green-led council in the country.

I love live music, camping, hill-walking and kayaking and pretty much anything to do with the sea, though I’m a rubbish surfer.

I helped set up A Band of Brothers in Cornwall to support struggling young men lacking a good male role model; I also work with Remembering our Roots, which does similar work with a younger age group, often using bushcraft.  I believe nature is our greatest ally.